I Have Lived.


I have lived fully. I have felt the gut-wrenching gasp of fear and excitement as I leapt into the air, letting the salty ocean breeze pull me into it’s crystal waters. I have felt warm rain pellet my skin as I ran through the midnight streets of a foreign country, dodging multi-colored cars and laughing as children chased and exclaimed, “Americano!”. I have felt the smooth bone of a Hawksbill turtle sliding between my fingers, choking water in my snorkel as I dove between walls of coral. I have stood atop a castle in the South of France, looking over a lush country and feeling lucky beyond my wildest dreams. I have sipped a margarita on a beach in Honduras and dangled my toes from a dock in Cozumel. I have felt the shaky thrill of rising above a slippery surfboard to catch my first wave in Oahu, and I have been plucked above the water surrounding Maui by the strings of a parachute. I have felt the magic of secrecy as I peered into the room of a sunken ship to find a cyclone of silver fish slowly revolving around a vast blue tuna. I have camped beneath giant sequoias and sandstone arches. I have caught my breath in utter astonishment as I stepped up to see hands working on an exposed, beating heart. I have swam with a turquoise octopus. I have listened to a wrinkled fisherman share stories of his childhood, realizing every faucet of his being stemmed from the ocean surrounding his small island. I have soared miles above the gorges of the grand canyon in a jarring two-seater plane, my hand separated from the towering chasms by just a few centimeters of glass. I have swam through the frigid waters deep in a slot canyon and felt the weightlessness of rafting over rapids and waterfalls. I have bungee jumped above the lights of Vegas and I have experienced the electricity running through the frosty, bustling streets of New York City. I have inhaled the spirit of a mountain, sitting strapped into my snowboard on a sparkling snow covered peak. I have been in love. I have witnessed suffering and I have witnessed resilience. I have been above this earth and deep in it’s oceans. I have lived.


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