Little One.


Welcome to this big, colorful world, little one. When I found out you were on your way, I was sitting at home on a Tuesday night. I had just let a family friend into the house, who was waiting for Justin to come home. When your parents arrived a few minutes later, Justin went outside to talk with him, and your round mother came waddling up the stairs to the bathroom. I shouted to ask her how their dinner was, and she replied, “It was great! We’re going to go to the hospital, I think the baby is coming! But I have to poop first.” And in that anti-climatic instant, my heart gave a giant leap and I knew your beautiful mother was ready. I sat on their bed as Justin grabbed his things, and your mother stood there, beaming and radiating excitement. She posed for a picture with her hand resting under her belly, and that was the first picture I have ever snapped of her where her smile was absolutely genuine and full of delight. Just seven hours later, you entered the world. When I saw you, my first words were, “I thought babies weren’t supposed to be cute right after birth!”. You defied all conventional notions, from your adorable debut to your quiet contentment throughout the next few days. You were patient as we fumbled with clumsy fingers to wrap your blankets, but we slowly learned. Your dad described this learning process with the statement, “Let’s just try it and see what happens”; and so your life motto was created. Little one, there is so much I wish to tell you. But for now, grow slowly, reach for the world, and never fail to keep reaching and trying. Let’s just see what happens.


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