Like a Moth to a Flame.

I am entranced by medicine. I am magnetized by the fulfillment of servicing others, curing crippling ailments, and developing my own medical advancements. I want to heal bodies with my hands and solve tangled medical mysteries. I know I am placed here to change the medical world. I am meant to write literature to shift thinking. I am here to change laws and revolutionize medicine. I am meant to use my creativity and dexterity to lace together broken fragments of a body, or to find the right milky concoction to cure a disease.

I crave the primitive, simplistic ingenuity of early medical innovators. I idolize the underground, nameless scientists and physicians who, after days of pacing in dark basements and rudimentary laboratories, discovered the solution everyone else overlooked. Because, in the end, medical revolutions were made from simple solutions. Feeding raw meat and gastric juices to anemic suddenly cured their symptoms. The first chemotherapy was discovered by simply realizing that if one medicine accelerated cancer, the opposite should halt it. By understanding the bacterium, we may understand the elephant. I hope to offer my attention to detail to extrapolate my own medical discovery. I hope my giddy excitement for medicine offers a novel angle to an old problem.

I want to hone in on a problem, solve it, master it, and fight it worldwide.

I want to make my mark in the scripts of medical history.

I don’t seek to avoid death,

But I want to enhance the value of existence.

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