Week 1: Hydrating

It’s Friday, everyone! I officially made it through my second week of medical school (one week of actual course work). Here’s what I have learned so far:

  1. Make friends. It makes the entire experience so much better. When you start integrating yourself into a group of people that are on this journey with you, you become a team. You are able to rely on them for support and reassurance, and they offer perspectives and strategies that can be really helpful to you.
  2. You know that phrase , “Medical school is like trying to drink from a fire hydrant?” During your first week, you can get pretty hydrated pretty quick. During undergrad, you have windows of time to review the material before the next class and you can study small amounts each day to stay afloat with all of the given information. In medical school, reviewing and grasping the material isn’t so cut and dry. For example, as the professor quickly describes the biochemistry of an epithelium cell, he may mention the CDFR receptor and it’s role in.. -– wait what is the critical other ion channel it influences? Do I need to remember that? Hey, did you hear what he – Onto the next slide. And so on and so forth. The key is, there’s a lot of information, so you need to quickly distinguish what is relevant and what you choose to study. There’s simply no way to learn it all (By the 2nd day of courses, just 1 of my 6 courses covered half a textbook.)
  3. You can only do the best that you can do. When material seems like it’s not sticking, I remind myself that I am doing my part – I am putting in the hours of studying. And that really is the best that I can do. So even though I might not understand and remember the material the first time, repetition is key. Even if I feel like I am not learning the material as quickly or thoroughly as I might like to, I’m learning to be patient.
  4. You will hear older students say that it’s fine to wear jeans and casual clothes to dress. For me, I love dressing up for class! I pick out cute, pressed slacks and a sleek button up, or a silky business dress, and I feel like a million bucks! I know it sounds lame, but these four years are going to fly by. So why not squeeze the most out of them and enjoy dressing up a bit and flaunting your medical school badge that you earned?!
  5. I will be dedicating an entire blog post to this shortly, but every day I am so grateful to have made it to where I am! A few nights ago I was studying at school when one of my peers looked up and said, “We’re here. We made it. We are sitting in seats that 6,000 other applicants would die for.” For five years I yearned and prayed for this seat in my medical school class, and I’m here! So medical school can throw whatever they can at me! I knew it would be tough, but I truly didn’t expect to be this overwhelmingly happy! This is my dream – I love my school, I love my classmates, I love learning about the body.I love being a medical student.

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