My Hippocratic Oath.

By the virtue invested in my institution, University of Utah Medical School, and all teachers bestowing their knowledge within, I swear to obey and encompass the following covenants of my affidavit:

I will live by the words of my practice, maintaining the highest quality of my own health so that I may continue to care for my patients. I will embrace balance, nutrition, and exercise so that I may first be the change that I wish to see in the world.

I will not abuse my medical degree to harm others or provide unlawful care. Regardless of external pressures, including threat and extortion, I will not break my personal premises of honesty and non-maleficence. I will honor my patients’ trust by protecting their personal information and acting within the scope of my practice.

I will treat my patients with respect and without discrimination. My care will be provided fairly and equally, despite my patients’ demographics, personal attributes, and attitudes.

I will remember to view medicine as an art, instead of a calculated diagnosis or radiographic image. I will not bow to the pressure of efficiency and conventional treatment to see a superficial label of a disease imposed on a human; I will seek to gain a thorough understanding of their condition and never diminish or forget the value of the human spirit. I will be a provider to all: to give hope when lives are darkened; a steady hand for those who need a hand; a lamp for those who need a lamp.

I will remain humble in my practice. As my hand grows more confident holding a stethoscope or blade, I will not let confidence or ego rule my actions. I will keep my head grounded upon my shoulders and retain the humility needed to ask for a second opinion or to admit and accept my errors.

I will never lose my excitement, passion, respect, and curiosity for the art of medicine. I will never grow weary of learning and exploring the human condition, and I will remember to appreciate the gift of partaking in another’s health and well-being.

May I always bide by this Oath and embody a life of service, healing, and integrity. With these agreements, may I always help others sustain their utmost value of existence, even in a state of dependance. May I always treasure the gift of lifting others’ to their true potential, while forever cherishing the fulfillment and gratification gained along the way.



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