Jump puddles, Young Traveller.

It is far better to travel well than to arrive.” – Buddha

I just took my 2nd test in medical school! Even better – I just ACED my 2nd test in medical school! I got a 94%, which I am incredibly, overwhelmingly ecstatic about! As we walked out of the test and I let myself sink into the realization that it was over, I looked around me at my “new family” and felt an enormous surge of pride and happiness. These people are incredible. We have seen each other EVERY single day for the past FOUR weeks, and somehow we still have managed not to strangle one another! They have supported me, offered their shoulders to lean on during my bad days, brought me food, driven me home, and have honestly been the best friends I could have hoped for.

After the exam, we strolled outside only to be greeted with a sudden downpour of rain and hail. We sprinted to the nearest trees and huddled under it’s branches, debating whether to attempt the long sprint to the car or wait it out. We decided to go for it. I slid off my sandals and went bolting through the overflowing gutters and puddles, doubled over in laughter and squinting through the water pouring down my face. We arrived at the car huffing and dripping wet, and I looked at those all-too-familiar faces climbing into the car and thought to myself, for what feels like the millionth time,

I absolutely love being in medical school.”

I’m beginning to truly learn and embrace a very crucial lesson in my education and career. It’s not about the questions you missed on the exam, or memorizing every term in the glossary of your textbook. It’s about truly understanding the fundamental concepts they are trying to relay to you, so you can better diagnose your patients and be a better physician. It’s not about locking yourself in a library room to beat everyone else’s score, or hoarding your golden notes that you have slaved over so that you can get the top score. It’s about personal growth and developing your character, so you can interact better with your patients and in your personal life. It’s not always all about school. It’s about sacrificing that 1 hour of your 12-hour study day to go get lunch with your classmates, so you can live a life filled with happiness and balance; so you can one day look back at these years and think,

I traveled well.



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