Dear Self,

Dear pre-med self,

I see you working tirelessly to scramble to this big, lofty goal of medical school. I’m proud of you. It will pay off. I know you’re scared beyond belief at the fear of failure, but don’t be; you’ll get here.

Medical school is everything you ever hoped it would be. The air feels lighter wearing your crisp white coat with the cool rubber of your stethoscope around your neck. You become a member of a secret society, granting you permission to learn the amazing wonders of your body. I know you’ve taken Anatomy and Physiology, but just wait until you are peering inside a cadaver and listening how the oocyte is expelled from the ovary and caught like a baseball by the delicate fingers of the fimbrae. 

I know you’re worried that you will drop off the face of the earth once you start school. This is true. You do find time to call family and close friends, and seeing them is essential to remain balanced. But I will tell you a secret: medical school is another world. You step inside, and suddenly you are plopped into the middle of a new family, new responsibilities, and a chaotic schedule. This family becomes your lifeline: you chatter in class, text through the night about questions you encounter while studying, and celebrate the weekends together. You will still find time to do things you love, like go to the gym and blog, but that is your concise window of free time and it doesn’t leave much room for much else. Simply put, you are really too busy to stay on top of the influx of texts, so they eventually subside.

I know medical school must sound like a sparkling fantasy. And for the most part, that is honestly the truth. But of course, there are down sides as well. You spend a lot of time studying, but you love school so you won’t mind. You will miss out on activities you really wanted to go to, like going to your first football game or going to the pumpkin patch with Sage. But it’s worth it, I promise. You will have classmates that will be reveal their superficial truth. So find a few friends that are genuine and make you laugh, and hold them close. You will get caught up in the competition between classmates and who receives the higher score on the test; but don’t. Always help your classmates and be friendly. To squeeze the most out of these 4 years, it won’t be the 5 points on the test that will help you succeed, but instead it will be the relationships you build.

So, little pre-med, keep fighting. You will get here. And I promise it is everything you hoped it’d be.



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