Steel Wire Cutter.

“Does it feel heavy or light?”


Life is nothing but a chain of decisions, both conscious and unconscious choices, leading you through a tangle of events. These subtle decisions carry you on until you find yourself startled by your surroundings, wondering how you could have possibly arrived in such discord in the first place.


At every fork in this knotted path, there is an instantaneous moment of verdict. We are blessed with an inner compass, guiding us through these unfamiliar, bewildering surroundings: our intuition. Our twisting intestines tell us which path will lead us into darker troubles, and which path will lead to growth and fulfillment.


One explicit decision influences every future opportunity on your path.


Is your decision closing doors ahead of you, or opening them? Are you spending your life loving the wrong person? Are you choosing happiness? For every decision you encounter throughout your life, answer it based off the question:



“Does it feel heavy or light?”





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