Appreciating Scattered Light.


Her crippling disorder and facial deformities dimmed in the light of her spirit, which shone brighter than anyone else’s in the room. Her careful and deliberate words reminded me of those spoken by Tibetan monks, and her wisdom about happiness and gratitude left me astounded. How could someone facing so many burdens find such lightness in her being?

She shared her willingness to embrace the human experience. She described the joy she feels when seeing crystal water pouring from a faucet. She openly welcomed us into her vulnerability, speaking about her depression and awareness of her mental incompetency – and yet, she was more aware of her state and condition than most of us are 90% of the time.   Her advice for us was the following:

Treat every patient as a prism. I may not bend light the same way as everyone else, but I still produce a beautiful rainbow.


During hard times, always remember there is something good around the corner. Have faith it is there. You just can’t see it.


Accept your challenges. The rest is easy.”



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