First Semester Completed.

Snippets of my first year:

  • Blowing into hearts late at night in the cadaver lab.
  • Sweat glands.
  • Rushing into HSEB on a late night and scanning my ID badge to unlock the doors, stopping dead in my tracks to relish in the overwhelming realization: “I’m really here.”
  • Dr. Condic using a garden hose to demonstrate the bowels protruding and herniating back into the developing body
  • Cutting my first umbilical cord.
  • Painting bones on my Layers of Medicine instructor.
  • Experiencing my first true defeat, when I discovered the umbilical clamp I was inventing had already been invented.
  • “Janet?”
  • Losing my Gassy Antelope.
  • Does it feel heavy or light?
  • “Pars. Posterior.”
  • Listening to patients with Miller Syndrome – “Accept your challenges.”
  • “Did you hear about Paris?”
  • “Lindaa, you’re not listening!”
  • Epididimus.
  • Field force.
  • Squealing in delight when I discovered the left lung’s lingula.
  • Sitting back in my chair, astonished at the $300,000 treatment for Hemophilia A, and realizing how much I took my own health for granted.
  • Eating dinner with a neurosurgeon and realizing my partner in life needs to be my biggest support, instead of a source of hardship.
  • Spending all night drawing out cranial nerves on the whiteboard in the basement of the library.



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