Hi, I’m Awkward.

So at my school, they have a “big sib” program, where incoming students are paired with older students to help give advice and answer questions. I recently found out my big sib was Anish.

I have previously met Anish in passing on a few occasions, and I recognized him studying at the end of the hall one afternoon. “Hey Anish!” I called out, walking towards him. As I got closer, I realized it wasn’t Anish – but at this point, I was too close. I was committed. So I pulled up a chair and awkwardly tried to start conversation with a complete stranger, talking about school and tests and anything that could jumble out of my mouth.

Today, I saw Anish walking into the building. “Hey Anish!” I said, excitedly. “So you’re my big sib!”

He looked at me with a confused look and said, “I’m not your big sib.” Turns out, his name isn’t Anish.

To further make things painfully uncomfortable, I told him that I had awkwardly thought this OTHER kid was him, making an exacerbated point of saying this kid is ALWAYS studying on the 4th floor. I told him how I had walked up to this kid (thinking it was him), and called him Anish. I could have stopped there, but no. I continued on to tell him how I awkwardly pulled up a chair and forced myself to make conversation, because I had committed myself at that point.

This kid looks at me with a puzzled look, like I was possibly the craziest person he’s ever met, and says, “2 days ago? That was me.”

This is when, thank the dear lord, I stopped talking and just walked away in silence.

His name is Jakeeb.

And I’ve been calling him Anish.

Then after speaking with the guy I thought was Anish but is actually Jakeeb, I didn’t even realize it was Jakeeb.

So I proceeded to tell him how awkward it was to talk to him, thinking he was someone else who I actually thought was him in the first place.


Hi, my name is Hailey.

I’m really super awkward.



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