If You Only Knew.

As your eyes scan these words, 127 million neurons are firing at the back of your eyeball to transmit the information to your brain. A particle of dust floating near your eye causes you to simply blink your eye, activating another couple thousand motor neurons for a split second. There are endless sensations pummeling your body at any given moment. Take a moment to notice a few. Can you hear a car passing outside, or a furnace running? What is the temperature like in the room you are in? Can you feel your shirt touching your shoulders, or your thighs touching the chair beneath you? But you didn’t recognize any of these before. Regardless of you being aware of them or not, all of this information is continuously absorbed by millions of sensory units coating your body. At the speed of light, these little units carry their package of information to your spinal cord, zooming up like an elevator towards your brain. However, there are millions of these guys with their packages, and if they were all allowed to enter our powerful and revered conscious mind, we would die from overstimulation. So, there is a guard keeper at the top of your spinal cord, monitoring the information coming in. This guard tells most information to funnel into your subconscious mind to be processed and stored, letting only the most important information funnel into the highly protected channel to your conscious mind.

But do you want to know what I find most fascinating about this system? We have the ability to influence our guard keeper. We can tell him to let different packages enter our conscious brain or to stop letting other packages in.

Have you ever bought a new car, and suddenly began noticing the same car driving down every road you encounter? The cars were always there, mixed in with the other hundred of cars you encounter daily – you just didn’t notice. Your guard just didn’t think it was pertinent.

What opportunities and beauty and clues to your happiness are surrounding you that is being funneled into your subconscious by your guard keeper? Conversely, what negative thoughts and packages are constantly being funneled into your mind – weighing you down to the point of disappointment and exhaustion when the day is over?

Change it.

Shift your awareness.

Studies have shown that affirming a belief like “I am capable of achieving incredible things”, has the ability to influence your guard keeper to synthesize a new mindset. Changes begin to take place so that different packages make their way into your subconscious. This is the crucial secret of awareness. Suddenly, you are able to jump at a fleeting opportunity that will end up changing your life forever, instead of not even noticing it was there in the first place.

Shift your packaging. Endorphins begin to pour out as chemical proof of the shift, but it is more than that. How many great chances, great people, as well as great experiences are you willing to overlook before you begin to do something about it?

Affirm yourself.

Feel what’s around you.


1.jpgIsn’t it baffling, that this delicate bundle runs down your back without ever truly being noticed by any of us?



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