Life as a Medical Student: Wool Sweaters and Long Nights.

Have you heard the analogy: “Medical school is like trying to drink from a fire hydrant”? I don’t know if I could have phrased this any more perfectly.

The first few weeks of my second semester have been eye-opening. We are finally learning diseases and medications and how to work critically through a diagnosis. I’ve studied more in the past two weeks than I thought was possible, but the material is so fascinating that I don’t even mind. How many people get to spend their days learning about why blood cells are bursting in a patient with microangiopathic hemolytic anemia, and how we can help them survive? Or racking your brain with your classmates, trying to figure out why this homeless man is showing signs of pernicious anemia with a small clue that it might be linked to metastatic cancer?

Every day, it’s something new. The human body literally has an infinite number of avenues to go wondering down, getting lost in the wonder and awe of it all.

I’m so happy here. I’m able to find more balance (by freeing up my time outside of school). I’m clearing my mind by working out every morning. Cooking and preparing food each week has been a lifesaver. But most importantly, I’m letting myself

fall shamelessly in love with medicine.


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