We criticize old blue carpet and glaring, orange-tinted wooden door frames. We buy food we don’t eat, and it sits at the back of our pantries until we finally throw it out during the move. We grumble at our cars, eyeing longingly at the glossy curves of others. We use sanitizing cloths to wipe a counter once before tossing it into a landfill. Every single day we mindlessly rely on shiny faucets and burning gasoline, but this not the rule.

We are the exception.

Most of the world doesn’t live in profusion. We forget these details of our realities are luxuries. What someone in the sweltering heat wouldn’t give for a smooth bar of soap or a freshly laundered shirt. Over 3 billion people survive on less than $2.50 a day – how would it be? To eat a lump of boiled rice and beans, happily realizing you’re empty stomach won’t keep you awake tonight? To carefully re-wash a filthy rag used to scrub the floors so you can use it in the morning to wipe the plastic dishes clean? To have only one pencil to trot to school with?

We truly cannot fathom, because these are not our lives. Industrialization has separated us by such an expansive terrain that we peer at these lifestyles – but we are incapable of real comprehension.

How would it be?



2 thoughts on “Unparalleled.

  1. I like that you write about this – I often feel guilty for the things I have in this country (which is not anything grand to most Americans). All the packaging we use, all the trash we create, all the money we spend…. I often have to be less harsh on myself for feeling so guilty as I did not choose to be born into this society as they did not theirs, and I do what I can to help limit these things. The presumption is normally that because we have more, we live a better life, where we should be appreciative that we are not on the opposite side of things with less. Is that true? Is more necessarily better? Sometimes those people with less seem to often have the most appreciation and happiness in their heart. I often times wonder if they would switch given the opportunity…

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    • You pose such an interesting question: We have more, but do we live a better life? I’m arriving at the same conclusion that simplicity is often the key to happiness. And although we did not have a choice or factor into the decision of being born into American society, I think that AWARENESS is the first step in improving our wasteful habits and greedy tendencies.. Loved your comment!!


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