Tumble, Anyway.

I fear the unknown. My summer research project, for which the funding and IRB are not established, send a heavy pit into my stomach. A medical research trip, by myself, trip to rural India paralyzes me in fear. The complete ignorance of everything I must tackle on my own creates a violent drum in my chest: obtaining a visa, the correct vaccinations, traveling through Mumbai alone. The expansive unknowing of extracurriculars I should be doing, leadership positions I should be tackling, applications I should be submitting.

Then I realized: each unknown variable is a plea for personal expansion and growth. To plunge forward in something so entirely foreign to you would provide more growth and learning that you can even imagine. These are the experiences that push you farther than you’ve ever known, because they are nothing like you’ve ever experienced. You have the tools to conquer them. These are the ambiguous obstacles that could initiate life-altering shifts, if you accept the opportunity. You have the chance to decide to embrace that fear and allow it to surge through the marrow of your bones. Recognize it as opportunity, excitement, and a privilege.



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