So I’ll Crawl.

Never gonna break
Never gonna break
Never gonna break
Never gonna break
Not for a part in any gamut of the dark


Photo on 5-12-17 at 7.00 PM #4


What I Set Out For.

I have studied for 124 consecutive days, without a single day off.

19 more to go.

I miss my family. I miss feeling like a good friend to someone. I miss not doing flashcards while I’m walking. I miss SLEEPING IN dear god I miss sleeping in.

For 2 years I wondered how I would be feeling in these moments right before STEP 1. I am feeling shockingly calm – probably because I’ve been anticipating it for so long. I feel burnt-out, yet somehow I still have fuel. I feel skeptical about the exam – I find myself scrutinizing every short simplification stamped into FirstAid, imagining the question-writers wringing their hands devising clever ways to trick us. I guess I just don’t know what to expect, and I don’t know whether all of this work will pay off.

But at the end of these 5 months, I will have accomplished my goal I set for myself – by far the most difficult task of dedication and resilience I have ever encountered.

I know, without a doubt, that I am capable of anything.

Here’s to –

being fearless in not knowing.

being fearless in failing.

being fearless in the moment,

regardless of the outcome.