• How did I feel when I got home?


  • Did I feel excited to look up the illnesses and diseases in the patients I was caring for, or to study for the shelf exam? Was there diversity in the conditions being treated?

No. So many no’s.

  • What were the main feelings I encountered while working with the patients? The medical team?

“Why can’t they just push for a couple hours instead of us pushing more Ptocin to speed things along?”

“Why is the team doing a poll on whether Snape was Harry’s father or not?”

“Oh, look- another low transverse incision.”

“Oh, look- another shelf question about a pregnant woman with bleeding. Still no idea.”

  • How much direct patient contact was there? 

So much. Too much vagina.

  • What were the humdrum aspects in the patient population or workflow that would have to be tolerated for the rest of your life?

Oh dear god where do I begin.

  • Does this specialty address one of the leading causes of death in the world?


  • How easily can motivational impact be integrated into a career in this specialty?


  • Does this specialty focus on preventing problems or fixing problems?

Both, I guess. But truthfully, Ob/Gyn was like nails on a chalkboard to me. It was the first and only rotation I have disliked during medical school so far- and I’m okay with that. Maybe it’s my lack of personal experience with childbirth, differences in personalities with those who chose to pursue the specialty, or maybe a lack of a lot of exposure to newborns as I was growing up. Or, maybe, my soul spirit was in medicine in a past life and my allergy to Ob/Gyn stems from a deeply-rooted fire that spans through time and space. Whatever the reason may be, I am so blissfully okay with plopping Ob/Gyn onto the pile beside Radiology and Pathology of specialties I can safely cross off my list (and possibly burn later).



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