The Little Things.

  1. Toddler starfish hands reaching up at me.
  2. When my coffee is just hot enough and the perfect shade of toupe.
  3. Opening a crisp, new book for the first time.
  4. Eating taco bell in a candlelit bath after a bad day.
  5. Wedging my finger in a cat’s paw where their claws can’t reach me.
  6. Someone’s voice on the phone when it’s really late and they’re all sleepy and scratchy.
  7. Opening all the windows and curling under a warm blanket to watch it snow while I’m cozy inside with nowhere to be.
  8. Waking up just enough to realize someone is pulling a blanket over me.
  9. Smelling campfire smoke in my hair after camping.
  10. When it starts drizzling outside right as I’m falling asleep.
  11. Getting a text out of the blue from a close friend letting me know how much I mean to them.
  12. When I realize that I’m early and have this whole new chunk of spare time to do whatever I want.
  13. Barefoot dancing with my eyes closed and no cares in the world.
  14. Getting really close to look into someone’s eyes and noticing the freckles in their iris and how it looks like a net.
  15. When my sister and I are laughing so hard that there’s just silence with random screeching gasps of air.
  16. Sunflowers.
  17. When a grumpy cat chooses to lay on my lap.
  18. When I got to write with those thin markers on the clear sheet on one of those old projectors in school.
  19. Seeing something so beautiful that it makes me stand still.
  20. Seeing my dad walking or hearing him talking to me in one of my dreams.
  21. Sleeping in on a Sunday and waking up to eat brunch at my favorite cafe.
  22. When a cat is kneading my pillow with it’s claws and it feels like a massage.
  23. The moment I find my favorite earring that I thought I lost.
  24. Walking through my house after I cleaned it really well.
  25. The way my mom turns her head away and covers her mouth when she’s laughing really hard.

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