I remember asking myself, “How will I be different at the end of these 4 years?”

  • I usually groan when I have to wear my white coat, instead of eagerly slipping it on and beaming with pride like before ( I like my scrubs better).
  • I spend a lot less time focused on my make up, buying clothes, social media, and the curves of my body than I used to.
  • I find more happiness in things I used to take for granted, like having a day to sleep in, a free morning to eat brunch and read a book at my favorite cafe, a hushed conversation in the corner of a bar, patients who smile back at me, or a hot bath after a long day.
  • I have gone from knowing nothing, thinking I know everything, to knowing I know nothing.
  • I still love every minute of it.
  • I’ve realized that chest x-rays are useless.


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